Swing – East Coast, West Coast, Blues, Lindy, Balboa and Mixed

Triangle Swing Dance Society-  www.triangleswingdance.org Hosts 2-3 monthly dances with live bands

Carolina Dance Club, Wesley Boz and Debbie Ramsey www.musicanddance.com Many dance events and classes: Swing-East Coast, West Coast, and Lindy, Latin, Ballroom

Southern Star Ballroom Center, Shari Huggett, Ballroom, West Coast, Country Western, Mixed  http://southernstarballroom.com/wp/

Lindy Lab   https://thelindylab.com/ Weekly Lindy dance and classes in Lindy, Bal, Charleston

RDU Rent Party https://rdurentparty.wordpress.com/ -Live Band Swing Events periodically on Lindy Lab Thursdays

Facebook Groups: RDU Swing Dancers  Duke Swing  Carolina Dance Club   The Lindy Lab   Triangle Swing Dance Society

Facebook West Coast Swing:  Durham Westies    Raleigh Westies

Ninth Street Dance (Durham) – Variety of Social Dance Offerings http://ninthstreetdance.com/index.php

Richard Badu rbadu@aol.com 919-383-7054 at Arts Center Carrboro www.artscenterlive.org Teaches Lindy, East Coast, Blues

Antoinette Santoro Tailleur www.danceyourbody.yolasite.com West Coast Swing

Down Right Dance (Blues, Lindy, EC)- Matthew Vazquez & Casandra Germano – http://downrightdance.com/

Dance Frankie (Frankie Hagan) www.dancefrankie.com

Joan Caviness – Dance’Til You Drop (EC, WC, BR , CW, Line ) http://www.learn2.dance Facebook: Dance ’til You Drop

DanceFourFun (Laura Rose) East and West Coast and Salsa  www.DanceFourFun.com

RTPSwing Yahoo Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RTPSwingdance/