Hillsborough Refugee Assistance Donation Page

From Jack Wolf – President of Hillsborough Refugee Assistance Inc.

This payment page is nestled in my Dance Gumbo website. Although this endeavor has nothing to do with dance, it is a free site and so a chance to keep our expenses low.

Details of what we are doing can be accessed on our Facebook Group page, if you join,  Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/949170340384297

Although we are open to future projects, what we are raising funds for now is the support of two Ukrainian families that have fled that war torn country and entered the US through the u4u humanitarian parole process. I am the personal sponsor of the one family and one individual. See details on the FB Group Page. Lori and Michael Russell of Hillsborough are treasurer and vice president of our group and are currently providing residence free of charge for our first arrivals, a family of four. The father is a wounded veteran of the Ukrainian armed forces, wife a photograph and they have two boys who are attending middle school in Hillsborough. Our second arrival, a single man, military veteran, truck driver, will hopefully be arriving by April 2024.

We are incorporated in the state of NC as a non profit group, Hillsborough Refugee Assistance Inc. and information can be found at the Secretary of State website (SOS Id # 2804179 ). Although we are listed as a non profit group, and we are, we have not gotten 501 C3 status, which is a federal designation, because of the large expense and length of time to do this. Contributions to this group are not tax deductible but this is a non profit group, with all work by the officers and support group done for free. Nobody is on salary or will use any funds raised. All donations are used for services for the families being helped.

Checks can be made payable to Hillsborough Refugee Assistance Inc. and mailed to Jack Wolf at 133 Murdock Dr. Hillsborough NC 27278. We have a community bank account with Truist in Hillsborough.

To donate by credit card or PayPal or Venmo, go to this link:

Hillsborough Refugee Assistance. Inc

Any questions, please call or text me, Jack Wolf at 919-590-7280