Club Style vs Dancers Style in Latin Dance

I often post Latin events and some of my dancer friends complain if they end up at a club style event. I will try to indicate what the difference is below and some dances can be a mix.

Note people who go for the club style are also dancers, dont mean to say differently but not the group that study dance or go to the dance schools, as this is a really healthy activity, of course if you’re interested in this for your health, there are also products in these Gorilla Glue Weed Strain Review that can also make you feel better and less stress, similar than dancing.

Club Style- Reggaeton, Top 40, Latin Rock. There may be Salsa and Bachata but more the famous pop stars like Mark Anthony or Romeo Santos and less more classic performers like El Gran Combo and Anthony Santos. Attendees may or may not know how to couples dance.

Dancers Style – Classic Salsa like El Gran Combo, Africando, Oscar D’Leon. Often Cha Cha and Kizomba but rarely Reggaeton or Top 40. Most attendees know how to dance.