Bhangra Workshop at Sunday Salsa Social

Sunday, Aug 7, 2022
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Lavesh Pritmani of Learn Bhangra, Cary will head up this workshop. No experience is needed.

Bhangra is a high powered energetic, happy dance with kicks and jumps, reminds me some of Afro House, from the Punjab area of India. It is both a traditional folk dance, but in modern times has become a big hit in the fitness movement being quite aerobic and also seen in Bollywood movies. I think people will enjoy this. Check out Lavesh’s video:

Note the Sunday Salsa Social is usual times and $7 with a beginning Salsa lesson, but the Workshop plus the Social is available for $13-14 advance and $15 door and we will have the use of the next door Studio 5.

Ticketing is available Here:


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