Asset Purchase Agreement Restaurant

Restaurant Asset Seller does not have or maintain a written pension, profit sharing, savings or other retirement provision, employee pension plan, employee share plan, deferred remuneration, stock option, share purchase, performance share, bonus or other incentive plan, severance pay plan, sickness plan, group insurance plan or other wellness plan or any other similar plan, convention, policy or convention. Asset Seller Restaurant is not a party to collective bargaining or other agreements or arrangements with a trade union, and Asset Seller Restaurant is subject to such collective bargaining or agreements, and no authorization from a union is required to enter into such a transaction. Prior to the date of this agreement, no union sought to represent the employees of the Asset Seller restaurant on the site. The seller of restaurant assets is not initiated or involved in labour or union disputes or other interactions of any kind. There are no complaints, disputes or controversies with individuals or a group of employees that can reasonably be expected to have a significant and detrimental impact on the business. The seller of restaurant assets has not received any notice of labor law measures because it did not properly pay the restaurant asset seller`s staff, and the restaurant asset seller is not aware of potential wage disputes or unpaid minimum wage rights under the Florida Minimum Act. Appendix 5.16(b) identifies the name and current compensation of each current employee of the Asset Seller restaurant. There are no accusations of unfairness or other complaints related to staff or related to ongoing employment against Restaurant Asset Seller or, at best De Restaurant Asset Seller`s 5.13 No Brokers. Except as described in Annex 5.13, the seller of restaurant assets has not, directly or indirectly, employed any broker, discoverer or other agents in connection with the transactions provided for in this Agreement, with the exception of Prakas & Company and Sussman Restaurant Brokerage. Of the entire brokerage commission, the seller of restaurant assets pays sussman Restaurant Brokerage at closing the sum of thirty-seven thousand five hundred dollars ($37,500.00 USD), the balance due under the separate written agreement is paid to Prakas & Concern Going, and the right to pay the title and the seller`s stake in restaurant assets in and in all assets acquired. .

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