Vehicle Repair Agreement Booklet

If you sell your car, you can also transfer the remaining coverage time. This gives you continuous comfort against future expensive repair bills. If the car cannot be repaired within 8 hours, up to a maximum of 7 days. Depending on the product you are withdrawing – Please note the vehicle repair agreement For full coverage, commitments, exclusions and CT. In order to keep your car stress-free, we have introduced a new range of warranty products that are available on our car dealerships and offer you security against expensive repair bills. We all want to think that we live in a perfect world and that our cars will never abandon us. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes somewhat different. No matter how you expect your vehicle, components can always break down and result in costly repair costs. Don`t wait! Contact us today to purchase the AA warranty.

You`ll find copies of all your policy documents on My AA – sign up or create an account today to manage your membership. Depending on the product available at your retailer, you can enjoy other benefits such as.B.: Check out our current policy documents below and download them. In addition, we offer 12 months A A A Basic Breakdown coverage.