Sap Schedule Agreement Mrp

As stated in SAP Note 83343, mrp does not examine the target quantity of the agreement and may make proposals for refuelling in excess of this quantity: the working margin to limit the quantity is to use a quota agreement of a maximum quantity. Based on this, the requirements system automatically creates planning positions without the need to create it manually with ME38. In the list of sources, we need to make sure that there is a link to the delivery plan and that the field “Use of the source list in material planning (MRP)” is placed on `2 MRP- relevant data set. Ched. Rows are generated automatically if we want to have Schedule lines created automatically. If you do not have a schedule agreement when running MRP, PR will be created. If you maintain 2 against sch agreemetn, mrp generates a classification that you can see in md04. These delivery plans are also updated in the delivery plan (t cod ME33). .