LAC Contact Improv Jam

Monday, Dec 12, 2022
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


2022 marks the 50 year anniversary of the inception of Contact Improvisation! This Fall at LAC we are on a MISSION to generate access to this practice which can be so transformative for individuals and so effective at building community. We are focused on creating the opportunity for beginners, rusty people, shy people, experienced people, YOU, to feel at home in our CI events.

On Monday nights we are hosting a FREE drop-in beginner LAB from 6:30-7pm and jams from 7-9pm. On Thursday nights, those who want an in-depth introduction to the technique can participate in a multi-week curriculum to orient to the practice.

*** Note that we will not be jamming on Oct 10, Oct 31, and Nov 28***


Space opens at 6:15
LAB 6:30-7pm
The LAB’s are guided by a rotating cast of advanced CI dancers in our community. Dancers of any level are welcome to drop in, and we especially hope that beginners and those newer to the form will attend. The teacher will provide mentoring and instruction in CI techniques as well as answer questions to orient beginners to our LAC jamming culture.
Space opens at 7:00
Informal warm-up 7:00-7:15
Opening circle promptly at 7:15
Sliding Scale $10/15/20
Monday jam seek to create a SAFE, FRIENDLY, and CONSCIOUS container for exploring Contact Improvisation through open jamming.
Toni Craige, Bru Roze, and Aubrey Griffith Zill will be hosting the space. There will be a bit of extra emphasis on orienting folks to our jamming culture through discussion in the opening and closing circle and through the content of the beginner classes. The bulk of the event is for free play and jamming without formal instruction ~~~
All levels are welcome. Beginners are strongly encouraged to attend the LAB at 6:30. Informal labbing and peer-to-peer teaching is welcome (with consent) at the jam.


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