Hillsborough Last Friday Events and Dancewave

Friday, Sep 30, 2022
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Every Last Friday in Hillsborough March to November. There is a family oriented ecstatic dance wave from 7:30-9PM led by the Living Arts Collective (Aubrey Griffith-Zill) to recorded music. The dance wave is a form of ecstatic dance characterized as 90 minutes of speechless improvisational dance based somewhat on the 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance concept of Gabrielle Roth. This can be either solo dancing, partner dancing, contact improvisation, or ad lib group. The experience can be meditative or spiritually oriented for some individuals. No charge. There are also various community events 6-9 PM including an art walk, drumming and sometimes live music. Hillsborough Last Friday Art Walk (hillsboroughartscouncil.org)


River Park