Deakin Uni Enterprise Agreement

DEAKIN UNIVERSITY ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT 2009-2012. A summary of the main features. Background. Negotiations began in 2008 between the university and the National Tertiary Education Union Heads of Agreement In July 2009 Final Agreement August 27, 2010 Background – Negotiations began in 2008 between the university and the National Tertiary Education Union – Heads of Agreement in July 2009 – Final Agreement on August 27, 2010. August 2010 – In-depth negotiations, but in good faith on both sides – Positive result for all questions from university staff – For a copy of the full agreement, visit the staff intranet at: – HRSD can also be contacted directly to answer further questions. Articles 21 and 22 – dismissal – voluntary redundancy procedures have been simplified while maintaining rights. The proposed clause would require the university to… We offer flexible work arrangements and parental leave, as well as competitive Deakin Fitness Club memberships and consulting services. Clause 37 – Personal Vacation – New provision that grants 5 days of ceremonial leave to an employee who identifies as a member of an Aboriginal community or Torres Strait Islander. Clause 2 – Sign the payment – A non-cumulative payment of $1,000 (minus applicable tax) is also paid to full-time employees on the day the agreement is signed (i.e. if approved by the majority of staff at the time of the vote).

Payments are made to eligible part-time and casual workers. Article 64 – Dispute Resolution Procedures – Preventing and resolving disputes between the parties on issues arising from the agreement and on issues arising from national employment standards (Fair Work Act 2009). The NTEU is involved and notified of disputes as part of this process. The Litigation Commission procedure has been abolished and replaced by a procedure involving the Director, The Personnel Services Division and/or the President of the University of Deakin NTEU Branch. We offer human resource development programs, career planning, academic promotion and academic support. Move your career. Clause 2 – Wage increase – Salary increases of a total of 16% during the first full pay period from or after the following dates: – 23 April 2009 (already paid) 2.0% – 30 August 2009 (already paid) 2.0% – 30 April 2010 (30. April 2010 (2.0% – August 30, 2010 2.0% – April 30, 2011 2.0% – August 30, 2011 – April 30, 2012 4.0% Current employees can view more information about the enterprise agreement on the staff intranet. Article 36 – Parental Leave – Changing the reference to maternity leave for a broader category of parental leave (e.g. B adoption leave and paid partnership leave). Recognition of the federal government`s Paid Parental Leave System (PPL).

After a period of consultation with the NTEU and the staff concerned, the new faculty WAMs have been released for 2018. The feedback that the NTEU gave for this consultation and a copy of each … Get the flexibility of packaging options, different vacation plans and health insurance plans. Article 50 – WorkStation Assessment Procedures – Classification checks of existing positions are now carried out by the Staff Classification Committee (which includes at least 2 designated university representatives and 2 designated NTEU representatives). All HEW descriptors have been included in the agreement. Article 13 – Recruiting only scientific staff – A new type of contract has been negotiated – A member of the academic or general staff working in contingent-funded research may apply for or be offered a Contract for Employment (Contingent-Funded).