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Compilation niche:Semestre 1, Academic Year: April to 15.06.2020Seesemestre 2: September to 15.11.2020>> See key data >>N.B. The International Mobility Office sends the link to students by e-mail to complete the application form after receiving the university of the country of origin, the list of students nominated for studies at the University of Verona. FILL IN AND HAVE THE PRESIDENT OF THE TEACHING COLLEGE SIGN AND ATTACH ON THE REGISTRATION FORM DURING THE ONLINE COMPILATION… In accordance with the national evaluation system, the local evaluation system provides for coordination within thirty years, from at least 18/30 to 30/30 at most. In case of particularly good results, we praise (30 and praise). Want to learn or improve Italian? Video presentation of the activities of the University Language Center (CLA) and Italian language courses The certificate of graduation with its own data (name, name, host university) is sent to each student at the same time as the financial contract. If you lose, you can request a copy of the Incoming Student Reminder Service Desk – MEMO FOR INCOMING STUDENTS. Final ranking (published on 26.03.2020)Second task ranking for the second half (published on 15.04.2020) . Link to the official website of the University of Verona webradio. . A model of an “apprenticeship agreement for internships” for future students taking an Erasmus internship at the University of Verona.

. Appendix 1: List of available places and fact sheets List of those in charge of the Erasmus training course A.A. 2020/2021 Update 02/12/2020 Grade Conversion SystemLOGIN: The mobility project involved students and collaborators from brusov University in Yerevan and our Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. Stefan Rabanus, German language teacher and exchange coordinator (2018/19) Greta Marostica, Master student (2019/20) – Nicole Marenghi, Master`s Student (2019/20) – Kristina Tsaturyan, Head of Foreign Affairs and Coop. International (2018/19) Prof. Nina Tatkalo, Dean of the Faculty of Russian and Foreign Languages (2018/19) Prof. Erika Avakova, Professor of Russian Language and Literature (2018/19) – Hranush Khachatryan, Master Student (2019/20)- Tatevik Kamalyan, Master-Student (2019/20)Project broadcast:- Final report by Prof. Stefan Rabanus (Video in Italian) – Interview with Hranush Khachatryan (Brusov Int., June 2020, p 16) ECTS-Matching Tabelle/Sprachkompetenz-LevelN.B: For language certificates, contact the Language Center directly (they do not appear in the transcript of the recordings).