Cbu Housing Agreement

Campus life offers you many amazing possibilities and we hope you will use them. The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services is here to provide you with the best possible residential experience. Do not hesitate to contact our office for any questions at 951.552.8111 or housingservices@calbaptist.edu contact our office. Call us at (951) 552-8111 or email us at housingservices@calbaptist.edu if you have any questions. We`re here to help! Our consultation hours are from 8.m to 5 p.m.m. Monday to Friday. Housing Services Telephone: (951) 552-8111 housingservices@calbaptist.edu Each resident is under the supervision of the Director of Residence Life, the Deputy Director of Residence Life and Resident Assistants. Among the tasks of the residence staff are the management of the halls, the application of the guidelines, the personal tutoring and the programming. For more information about Residence Life, please visit the website at www.cbu.edu/housing. Students residing off campus must maintain an up-to-date local address near the Registrar`s office. Read it all. Don`t skip the app so fast that you`re missing out on some important information. Take the time to read each section, including the instructions on each page.

Read the housing contract. This is information you need to know. We know it sounds long and boring, but every piece of information is something you need to know – NOW or later! Pay your $100 non-refundable booking fee. You can pay the online booking fee through InsideCBU in the Student Accounts tab or in the Student Accounts office. Instructions on how to pay the fee online can be found on the accommodation application. The Office of Residence Life and Housing Services cordially wishes you your greetings as you begin to explore our possibilities for staying on campus. Here at CBU you will find a housing experience where students can thrive socially, academically and spiritually alongside their peers in a safe, comfortable and engaging housing and learning community. Agreements for residencies can be obtained online under www.cbu.edu/reslifeapps.

Agreements are only valid with the correct count considered to have been concluded by the Director of Residence Life and the Business Office. During the summer, requests for assignment to a particular room or roommate are considered whenever possible. Housing contracts filed by returning students during their published enrollment periods take precedence over new residents. Housing allowances are prioritized according to the class, the years of stay and the date of the agreement concluded. However, at the beginning of the allocation process, designated places are reserved for first-year students and transfers. Housing allowances are made without regard to race, faith, colour or national origin. Agreements with the corresponding deposit should be submitted to the Director of Residence Life before 1 May.. . .