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1. I understand that, in the absence of acceptance of all the provisions of this agreement, you have adopted the policy of refusing to accept, review or evaluate my documents. It goes without saying that no confidential relationship will be established by providing you with the following material. I reserve all rights to pass on this material or similar documents to anyone other than you. If you ask the national courts for help, it can be a lot of time and money. In a case dealt with by Al Tamimi-Company in Abu Dhabi, the applicant applied to the national court for the appointment of a single arbitrator, and the court issued a judgment to appoint a single arbitrator in accordance with the compromise clause covered in the disputed agreement. The agreement provided that the arbitrator would be an arbitrator that the parties had to agree to. It is important that the benefits offered by arbitration institutions during this pandemic are not limited to those that have arbitration clauses in their existing agreements. Even if your contract is considering litigation, it`s not too late to exploit the comparative strengths of arbitration in this unusual time – using a deposit agreement. 7.

Any party to this agreement may cede or license to a person, company or corporation that, regardless of the person, has any rights under this contract, but that assignment or licence does not exonerate that party or its obligations under this contract. This agreement benefits the parties and their heirs, successors, representatives, beneficiaries of the transfer, licensees and clients, and all these heirs, successors, representatives, beneficiaries of the transfer, licensees and clients are considered third beneficiaries in accordance with this agreement. 2. Submission process – Information. When you provide us with content, you must provide us with accurate and complete information. If we need to contact you for your submission, we can contact you via the email address, phone number or address you have provided. You agree that your data (contents, names, emails, etc.) will be transferred and processed in the United States and processed in accordance with SU`s privacy policy, which is included in this agreement. You have read and accept the terms of our privacy statement. We do not want to receive or stop confidential materials.

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