Acorn Stairlifts Annual Service Agreement

I`m trying to relocate an acorn stair lift for my disabled mother whose husband just died. The eichel representatives are totally incapable, would not extend any help and left it to my elder mother to move and separate. The company is eager to take your money for installation, but might less care about its customers. I recommend Stair Lifts williams to Fanwood NJ. They are excellent and treat their customers with respect. Acorn`s executives are the most insensitive group of people and need a course, which means customer service. The most advantageous step may include the cost of an annual service, but you may have to pay an additional fee for new parts or call fees. Maintenance contracts usually provide for the presence of an engineer within a specified time frame. However, there may be extra charges for things such as hours ahours, extra time to fix the problem or spare parts.

Calls to their support line were insulting, tried to sign us up for advanced warranty and extra service – much more interested in us more money than providing a high quality service. The local technology was kind and helpful, but had trouble making the elevator run reliably. We will contact them before the end of your warranty to discuss our offer of annual service contracts and extended guarantees at low prices, so that you remain reassured in the future. gives Acorn Stairlifts 9.5 stars out of 10. ConsumerAffairs lists 141 consumer ratings with an average rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars. Although there are some 5-star reviews, most cite problems with frequent malfunctions, customer service and wait up to a week or more to get a stair lift repaired. Each service call starts with a $150 fee. We felt hurt. It seemed that it would be almost cheaper to buy a new one every 5 years. We employ highly qualified service technicians from across the United States, dedicated to the maintenance and maintenance of our customers` stair lifts. To ensure that every Acorn employee who comes to your home is someone you and your family can trust, all of our technicians are regularly screened and all carry ID cards. Another thing that needs to be questioned is the call-out cover.

Companies often say they provide 24 hours of coverage 365 days a year. You should clarify what this means in practice. Sometimes this means an answering machine outside of work hours or weekends or help over the phone. An engineer may not be available to visit your home immediately, so check how long you will probably have to wait for a technician to attend. The lower levels are usually the supplier`s entry level. Here, some suppliers offer only one annual service visit and would charge for any parts that may be needed. Can an Acorn stair lift operate on a staircase with multiple landings? There are a few ways to use an Acorn stair lift on a long staircase with one or more sub-towers.