2019 Macc Teachers Enterprise Agreement

If you are interested in being part of our dedicated team, please send your CV and cover letter to employment@macc.nsw.edu.au. All positions currently available will be published below. The Union is pleased to note that an agreement has been reached between Christian Schools Australia (CSA) on behalf of 46 NSW Christian schools and the Union for a new NSW Christian Schools Teaching Staff Multi-Enterprise Agreement (MEA). We assume that the agreement and the proposed explanations of voting options will be made available to you by your employer in the coming weeks. CSA advises that the process be completed by the end of the school year. The agreement begins seven days after the approval of the Fair Labour Commission (FWC) and expires on 31 December 2020. The application form for Cv`s and a college should be emailed to employment@macc.nsw.edu.au The Union recommends a “yes” to this agreement which allows for solid improvements in wages and conditions. Mount Annan Christian College offers teachers and executives the opportunity to grow as professionals and work in one of the best schools. The university has acquired a well-deserved reputation, not only for graduating high-quality students, but also for developing top teachers and principals. The salary and conditions are in accordance with the MACC Teachers Enterprise Agreement 2019. Applicants should declare their interest by sending a letter of motivation and experience to the head of the school and applying the above criteria; Resumes Application form filled out for teachers (on our university website – macc.nsw.edu.au/community/jobs-at-macc/) and certified copies. A new leave regime between nurses and nurses is the most significant change to the proposed agreement.

The current plan is a capped accumulation model that provides for 15 days in the first two years of service, then 20 days per year during the third year of service and the next. The accumulation of sick leave is limited to 120 days and applies only to the previous six years of service. This means that the maximum amount would be reduced by each leave during those years. Closed applications must be submitted to employment@macc.nsw.edu.au by Friday, October 9 at 4 p.m. The College`s application form is available on our website macc.nsw.edu.au/community/jobs-at-macc/ The Union will provide more details as soon as the voting process is completed. Please contact your organizer to arrange a visit to discuss the proposed agreement. For more information, visit Newsmonth. .

The successful candidate will be a reliable and enthusiastic person who wants to influence the role with excellent communication skills. The successful candidate will have experience in high-level administration and provide high-level support. The candidate will provide the Chief Operating Officer with personal assistance, administrative assistance from the maintenance team and participation in major projects for the college. The person must be organized and able to organize other people. The role will work in coordination with school hours and school weeks (during the semester from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. every school day). The task is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. Reports to: Head of | Director of the secondary department: accreditation of the teaching-NESA and an up-to-date WWCC accreditation number are required. The role will work full-time and will have 7 weeks of annual leave per year in accordance with the school holidays. This role will also assist the Chief Operating Officer in providing human resources and compliance support.

The role will also be the agenda, minutes, letters, policies and other correspondence. Expertise in writing and communication is essential. . Nominations for the Technology Coordinator, permanent Full Time position close on Monday, November 30, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. A 2.5% increase will also apply to casual teacher rates and allowances for MPs and school principals.